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Hydro gardening increases students’ interest in STEM School

By Jenileigh Harris, Program Associate, National Farm to School Network With a goal of connecting more students across the country to indoor gardening opportunities, The Scotts-Miracle Gro Foundation, Hawthorne Gardening Company and National Farm to School Network have launched a pilot project to integrate hydroponic growing systems into classrooms and science curricula this school year. Halfway into the pilot year the hydroponic […]
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Hawthorne Gardening Company and National Farm to School Network Launch New Hydroponic School Garden Project

This blog is one in a series that will focus on National Farm to School Network and Hawthorne Gardening Company’s work to bring more indoor gardens to more schools. 15 schools in California, New York City, and Washington, D.C. to participate in STEM curriculum-aligned hydroponic gardening Marysville, Ohio, October 17, 2019 –– Because every student deserves […]
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The American Legion and The Hawthorne Gardening Company team up to support wounded, ill and injured veterans in local communities.

INDIANAPOLIS (July 24, 2019) — The nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization and a leader and pioneer in the gardening industry will join forces to help veterans overcome the mental and physical wounds suffered during deployment. The American Legion announced today that The Hawthorne Gardening Company will support its Operation Comfort Warriors (OCW) program, which […]
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Major Cannabis research and development facility sets up in Kelowna

Kelowna Daily Courier features, “Flowr Corporation and Hawthorne Canada break ground Thursday for this 50,000-square-foot cannabis research and development facility on McCarthy Road at Kelowna’s northern boundary with Lake Country. — Flowr’s partner in the research and development facility is Hawthorne Canada, a subsidiary of the plant science and fertilizer company Scotts Miracle-Gro. Hawthorne will […]
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Southern California recreational cannabis firms struggle with product shortages, licensing and black market

MJ Biz Daily reports, “Growing pains” is an understatement to describe Southern California’s tumultuous recreational marijuana marketplace.” The biggest issue is probably that 65% to 70% of cities and counties still ban commercial cannabis,” said Alex Traverso, spokesman for the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), which oversees marijuana storefronts and delivery businesses. Read more at […]
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Navigating the marijuana sector: Q&A with Chris Hagedorn, GM of Scotts Miracle-Gro unit Hawthorne Gardening

MJ Biz Daily reports, “The Ohio company’s subsidiary, Hawthorne Gardening in Vancouver, Washington, has more recently helped cultivators with a trickier plant than carrots or Kentucky bluegrass: cannabis. “ The whole industry is going through a shift right now. It’s certainly had a short-term negative impact on our business – a lot of customers, a […]
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City of Long Beach Mayor signs recreational cannabis ordinance into law

Press-Telegram reports, “Recreational marijuana sales can begin as soon as Aug 13. Under city law, the new industry’s application and permit renewal fees will help cover the costs of regulating pot businesses, including for performing background checks and inspections. “ Long Beach has already accepted applications for 32 dispensaries — the maximum allowed under city law — […]
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