Built to Accelerate Growth

Hawthorne Gardening Co. is North America’s largest distributor of hydroponic products. Built to serve growers of all sizes, from commercial needs to home hobbyists, Hawthorne houses best-in-class brands across lighting, nutrients, growing environment, growing media, hardware, and many more.

Hawthorne’s strengths include bold research and development investments, unparalleled distribution capabilities and extensive service solutions that go beyond product. Our goal is to enable all growers to seize today’s unprecedented opportunities and build the industry of tomorrow.

We are pioneers in the business of growing. Through our signature brands, we’ve blazed trails since 1976, and we continue to bring industry-leading, trusted brands known for enabling growers to exceed their ambitions through our commitment to quality and consistency.

We also provide growers extensive services and consulting capabilities ranging from controlled environment services (lighting layouts, bench design) to horticulture services (plant nutrition, water, growing media, etc.) and analytical services (plant tissue analysis, disease diagnostics, etc.).

Hawthorne strives to be THE full-service, one-stop partner for growers, both at a large and small scale.