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Cultivating companies with a love for gardening as green as the gardens they grow.

Hawthorne Gardening Co. is a house of brands that provide an incredible array of tools and services for a multitude of gardening needs and yet all share one mission: to help people live happier, healthier lives through gardening.

Our company is dedicated to creating high-quality products founded in social and environmental responsibility. We create engaging consumer experiences and products with the ease and innovation to empower more people to garden no matter where and how they choose to grow.

Our Brands

Hawthorne Gardening is growing, and so is our brand offering.

Check back to see our expanding portfolio of gardening solutions.

Sustainable | Urban | Hydroponics

Natural/Organic | Seeking to continuously improve our offering of natural, organic and sustainable products means caring as much about what goes in our bodies, as in the earth and in our packaging.

Hydroponics | The highest quality results in any type of climate and the key to overcoming global food and water shortages.

Urban | Groundbreaking solutions for gardening under modern constraints in a new era of urbanization.

From organics to hydroponics, we are focused on building a better future: we partner with and build brands committed to making people happy, their homes a bit greener and the world a bit better.

Our Philosophy

We believe in helping people grow wherever they live.



Gardening and growing will help people to live happier, healthier lives.



Educate people and support your community: Growing and green spaces are a joy that everyone in the world deserves to share in.



Build brands that will improve our planet through unique innovations and a cradle-to-cradle mindset.



Trust your customers. They are tireless advocates of a greener way of living that deserves our resources and support.



Alternative-growing methods, like hydroponics, are the key to a new era of sustainability, water conservation, food production and land preservation.



Leave the world greener than you found it.