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Cyco acquisition further expands Hawthorne’s portfolio

Cyco acquisition further expands Hawthorne’s portfolio

This latest acquisition reflects Hawthorne’s ongoing strategy to serve growers, retailers and partners with an industry-leading portfolio of solutions.

Hawthorne Gardening Company announced the acquisition of Cyco from SJ Enterprises, a move that will further integrate the high-quality line of Cyco nutrients, additives and growing media into Hawthorne’s extensive and industry-leading portfolio. Cyco will become part of Hawthorne’s Signature series, joining General Hydroponics, Botanicare and other brands.

Prior to the acquisition, Hawthorne was the exclusive U.S. distributor of Cyco products. Cyco also has been available through select distributors and retailers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South America.

“The Cyco acquisition fits with our strategy to provide the highest-quality products, solutions and technical expertise to help retailers and growers of all sizes to succeed,” said Hawthorne President Chris Hagedorn. “We’re committed to driving innovation and creating solutions that advance the industry, often by working with those who helped build it.”

Hawthorne COO Tom Crabtree said Hawthorne will continue to provide Cyco products with plans to expand availability in some markets, such as the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, Hawthorne will invest in Cyco from a marketing and product development perspective, similar to how it has done with past acquisitions.  

“While this transaction will be seamless and business as usual in the early going, we’re excited about the future opportunities that will come from bringing Cyco into our Signature Family with the full force of our marketing, innovation and sales teams to take the business to greater heights,” Crabtree said. 

“We also want to congratulate Shaun Jones for his determination to build Cyco into a leading brand. Shaun has been a great partner, and we look forward to working with him through the transition and beyond. This is another testament to our Hawthorne Total 360 approach of serving retailers and growers.”

SJ Enterprises will remain the exclusive distributor of Cyco products in Australia. Hawthorne plans to leverage the relationship to bring a broader array of Hawthorne products to Australia’s hydroponics market. 

Hawthorne Gardening Company is the leading provider of nutrients, lighting and other materials used in the indoor and hydroponic growing industry.

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