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New Findings with Botanicare® CocoPro®

Botanicare® CocoPro® supports matching growing media and irrigation strategies to optimize plants.

Kelowna, BC, Canada
February 19, 2023

New Findings with Botanicare CocoPro

In a groundbreaking study conducted at Hawthorne’s licensed Kelowna Research Station in BC, Canada, the Research and Development department reveals game-changing insights into cannabis cultivation.

The focus of the research revolves around optimizing yields with two widely used growing media, Botanicare® CocoPro® and Grodan® rockwool*, through tailored irrigation strategies.

Key Findings

The study underscores the critical importance of aligning growing media with the right irrigation strategy to achieve optimal plant growth and maximum yield. Here are the key takeaways:

  • CocoPro® Performance: Utilizing a less intensive irrigation strategy with only a few pulses per day in Botanicare® CocoPro® results in an increase in flower yield and larger flowers. Importantly, this approach does not compromise THC concentration when compared to an aggressive multipulse strategy.
  • Resource Efficiency: For rockwool, an aggressive multipulse strategy leads to higher flower yield but a reduction in THC concentration. Conversely, a less intensive irrigation strategy, with fewer pulses per day, proves to be more effective in maintaining THC concentration, but resulted in a reduced flower yield.

Why It Matters

The study emphasizes that tailoring irrigation strategies to specific growing media is pivotal for cannabis cultivation success. Acknowledging the variations in water requirements based on factors such as pot size, genetics, and VPD, the research provides a roadmap for growers to optimize their cultivation practices.

Additionally, growers using CocoPro® may find more success with a less aggressive irrigation strategy. Implementing an irrigation strategy with fewer pulses per day could help facilities move toward a more eco-friendly and cost-effective approach. It not only conserves water and fertilizer, but also provides a more consistent yield, making it easier for growers to manage.

* Grodan® is a registered trademark of Rockwool A/S and is not affiliated with Hawthorne.

Kelowna, BC
February 19, 2023

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