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Hawthorne takes steps to acquire HydroLogic

Hawthorne takes steps to acquire HydroLogic

The industry-leading brand will expand the company’s portfolio and put Hawthorne in an even stronger position to provide total solutions to growers, retailers and partners.

Hawthorne Gardening Company announced plans for an industry-leading brand to join the Hawthorne portfolio. Today, we signed an agreement to acquire HydroLogic on a target date of August 27. This move will expand our product portfolio and create even more opportunities to provide our customers, retailers and partners with a comprehensive approach that meets their needs. 

The target date to complete the HydroLogic acquisition is August 27, at which time it would become part of Hawthorne. After that date, Hawthorne would become the exclusive provider of the HydroLogic and HyperLogic brands in the United States. Select distributor partners serving the U.S. and Canadian markets will remain in place. Here are some of the benefits for our partners, customers and retailers:

  • Access to best-in-class Water Filtration brands. From off-the-shelf hobbyist solutions to large custom-designed commercial water filtration systems, the HydroLogic and HyperLogic brands are the standard in the industry for quality and performance.
  • More marketing and sales support. You’ll see increased marketing and sales efforts  around these brands. Both of these brands will enter Hawthorne’s Signature lineup and support the Hawthorne 360 Total Solution approach. 

Hydro-Logic Purification Systems, Inc., based in Santa Cruz, Calif., is a leading provider of products, accessories and systems for water filtration and purification in the cannabis industry. 

We continue to build and expand our industry-leading portfolio of best-in-class brands that benefit from leveraging our unique capabilities in R&D, Marketing, Sales and Supply Chain efficiency. We’ve had tremendous partnerships with HydroLogic over the years and look forward to taking these brands to an entirely new level, further integrating them into our comprehensive product portfolio. Our focus is on serving the industry at a scale unparalleled by others.

Chris Hagedorn, President of Hawthorne

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