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Building a more sustainable cannabis industry

Building a more sustainable cannabis industry

As a new and growing industry, Hawthorne takes a leadership role in setting the standard for sustainable growing. From lighting and the growing environment to water systems and growing media, Hawthorne provides growers with end-to-end solutions for sustainability.


LED lights – coupled with smart controllers and sensors – reduce energy costs and bolster performance. The Gavita CT1930e generates 5 percent more light output than our high-pressure sodium lights while using 20 percent less energy.

Growing environment

Air flow, filtration, humidity and ventilation are controlled in the indoor grow. Hawthorne solutions include products and partnerships, such as the exclusive Quest dehumidifier with the industry’s highest energy efficiency.

Water systems

Hawthorne’s Hydro-Logic system reduces water use and nutrient-rich water disposal. It purifies water before nutrients are added for irrigation and then captures surplus nutrient-rich water along with water from the dehumidification process for reuse.

Growing media 

Botanicare CocoPro is a new line of products that enables growers to efficiently manage water use. The substrate material is made from compostable coconut coir in compressed form, which expands to retain water and nutrients.

Aiming to set a sustainable standard

The sustainability leadership role extends beyond product offerings. Because innovation is advancing, the cannabis industry has an opportunity to work with regulators and government leaders at state and federal levels to develop consistent standards and approaches that foster sustainable cannabis cultivation. This is critical because until cannabis is legal at the federal level, the industry does not have access to research and development resources available to other industries, nor is there a centralized way of gathering data on the environmental impact of various growing methods to inform consistent sustainability standards.

Hawthorne, through its Government Relations team, regularly communicates with regulators and elected officials to educate them on the advancements that the industry itself is making. We also share data and other insights obtained through Hawthorne’s R&D activities at the first licensed cannabis research facility in North America, located in Kelowna, B.C. Here, Hawthorne has created grow rooms that simulate cannabis growing operations in the real world. Scientists and researchers test products, solutions and innovations to determine the impact on yield, quality and sustainability.

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