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Irrigation systems: mechanical components and practices

by Shaye Donald and Marisol Camacho

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Envision this: you have a nice rectangular bench, with nice polyethylene tubing that is going to go around the entire outside edge of the bench.

The only thing is, the tubing isn’t flexible enough to make the tight 90 degree bend. What’s a grower to do? Give up and water by hand? Not if we have anything to say about it.

This is where fittings come in. 90 degree elbows, tees, adapters, bushings, straight connectors, the list is quite extensive. It is important that the fittings be able to withstand the pressure of a continuously operating irrigation system (which can be as high as 50 psi depending on the situation).

One way to do this is with barb fittings. These fit in the inside of the polyethylene tubing, and will require a clamp to keep the tubing sealed around the barb (if pressure is above 10-15 psi).

For a small garden outdoors, or an indoor garden this is fine, but once you get to larger operations in greenhouses or outdoors this clamping can become very tedious! One solution to this is the TechLock compression fittings from our friends at Netafim.

These TechLock fittings allow growers to quickly and easily attach tubing together to allow tubing to get around tight corners, split into a tee, really do what your heart desires, all without needing to engage in the repetitive task of screwing clamps with power tools, or even worse, by hand!

Now that we’ve worked our way back from the plant, to the tubing, to the fittings, hop aboard as we continue to our next stop: zone control. This is where the magic of automation happens!

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