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New Quest 335: The height of efficiency!

The Quest 335 offers several unique features that help make it one of the most efficient dehumidification units in the market today.  Higher efficiency means reduced energy consumption, which means getting more for your money. 

Quest 335 Efficiency Information
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Quest 335 Efficiency Information

So Efficient, a free unit of Competitor A’s 320 dehumidifier still costs more*!

*Based on total ownership cost over time. Read to learn more.

Quest 335 Dehumidifier (208-230VAC) vs Competitor A’s 320 Dehumidifier (208-240VAC)

The Quest 335 offers several unique features that help make it one of the most efficient dehumidification units in the market today.  Higher efficiency means reduced energy consumption, which means getting more for your money. 

Below we will walk you through how, even at zero cost, a competitive 320 unit will cost you more over a five year period when looking at the total cost of owning and running these two dehumidifiers.

Generally, total cost of ownership looks at not only the cost of the unit, but also the cost of the power needed to run that unit over time.  Quest has designed a calculator that utilizes standard growing conditions through the three primary growing cycles to allow you to see the estimated costs of running these two units in your own grow operation.

Quest 335 Efficiency Information
Quest 335 Dehumidifier
Quest 335 Efficiency Information

In looking at the Quest 335 and Competitor A’s 320 dehumidifier, on a unit to unit basis, the value of the Quest 335 becomes clear.  Even if we assume that the cost of Competitor A’s device was $0, the Quest 335 ends up costing you less over time.

How is that possible?  Let’s walk through it.

Quest 335 Efficiency Information

At the most basic level most of this value comes from the fact that the Quest 335 is more efficient than Competitor A’s 320 unit.  The Quest 335 introduces two new technologies that allow it to achieve this amazing level of efficiency.

The first new technology allows the Quest 335 to vary its refrigerant flow, which means it only uses the amount it needs to achieve the needed dehumidification instead of a constant rate.  This allows the unit to save energy when it doesn’t need to work as hard.  The second new technology featured in the Quest 335 is a filter compensation feature.  This allows the 335 to adjust the fan speed to achieve the best airflow over the coil, which has two primary benefits:

  1. it uses less energy when there is less moisture to remove
  2. it helps the unit compensate for filter clogging

These two technologies combine to create a hyper-efficient product, achieving up to 9.3 pints per kWh to be exact!

The de-rated values of both units form the basis of Quest’s calculator.  Utilizing this information in combination with standardized grow cycle conditions and the latest average US commercial energy costs (July 2021), we are able to estimate the cost of operating these two devices over time and through numerous grow cycles.  These calculations really demonstrate the value of the new Quest 335 technologies as filter clogging has a larger effect on Competitor A’s 320 unit, which is calculated to lose 15% efficiency through the grow cycle.  Also included in Quest’s calculator is the associated A/C cost for running both units, utilizing a simple BTUs in-BTUs out measurement.

While the Quest 335 clearly demonstrates its value on a unit to unit comparison looking at total operating costs over time, there are additional benefits to remember when looking at the 335.  In particular, the Quest 335’s de-rated capacity is higher than Competitor A’s 320, meaning that as you scale up your operation you will likely need fewer Quest 335s to achieve your dehumidification needs.

Still doubtful?  That’s okay.  Quest offers you the ability to plug your own energy costs and dehumidification needs into the calculator in order for you to see what savings you could achieve over time.  So check it out for yourself and see how much value Quest could provide you!

Things to remember:

  • This calculation is an estimate.  Final costs of operation will be dependent upon actual grow operation details
  • This calculator uses standard grow cycle conditions as outlined
  • This calculation DOES include the cost of A/C to account for the heat produced by the dehumidifiers

This calculation DOES NOT include the cost of installation, electrical runs or other general HVAC costs that would be standard across any dehumidifier installation.

Calculate your potential savings with Quest’s interactive calculator here.

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