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Hawthorne Gardening Company and Integrated Pest Management

For U.S. CBD Hemp Growers in Controlled Environments

Integrated Pest Management
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A definition of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) was first adopted in 1975 by a Food and Agriculture Organization Panel of Experts.

IPM was defined as “a pest management system that, in the context of the associated environment and the population dynamics of the pest species, utilizes all suitable techniques and methods in as compatible a manner as possible and maintains the pest population at levels below those causing economic injury.”

Pest control—namely of insects, diseases, and mites— can be a challenge when growing in grow rooms and  greenhouses, as pests can flourish in these environments  much more than outdoors given the highly consistent conditions present. Good pest control starts with Integrated Pest Management. Today, the basic concept is to use several tactics to control insects and diseases,  rather than the previous thinking of only a single solution  such as chemical products.

A team of Hawthorne pest control experts created the following Technical Guide to help growers succeed with CBD Hemp pest management. Here we applied IPM principles to CBD Hemp and provided sound practical ad vice and recommended products that a grower can use immediately to address pest problems. This program has  been developed for U.S. commercial growers and hobbyists and will continue to evolve building upon the latest insights, product facts and testing results for insect  and disease management. Hawthorne Gardening Company is North America’s largest, most comprehensive provider of controlled environment, hydroponic products and services. 

Integrated Pest Management
(Plant depicted is hemp)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

As the name suggests, an Integrated Pest Management program does not solely rely on the use of pesticides to control pests, but rather it combines a variety of cultural practices and tools to more efficiently manage insects and diseases while minimizing the use of chemicals and their related costs. A successful pest control program focuses on the following areas:

Disclaimer: When using this guide for recommendations on treating plant pest issues, you must always verify and follow any and all product label directions for use as required by federal and state laws.

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