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Start at the plant and with a plan

by Shaye Donald and Marisol Camacho

Start at the plant — and with a plan
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When designing, evaluating, or troubleshooting a drip irrigation system, rule No. 1 is to start at the plant.

A well-designed drip irrigation design also takes into account:

  • A cultivator’s growing style/preferences
  • Container size
  • Plant size
  • Number of plants
  • Growing media

Growers intuitively understand that these factors and others within their environment can affect one another. It’s why most growers consistently, even obsessively, monitor every bit of information available to them— temperature, nutrient pH and EC, humidity, light levels, photoperiod, moisture content, etc. Growers know all these factors play into how plants not only grow, but thrive.

Great design takes this understanding a step further, by analyzing the specific effects conditions in your grow have on your results, rather than relying on generalities for all drip irrigation systems to make planning decisions.

The Hawthorne Difference

Our team of technical experts can help not only with the specifics on setting up a drip irrigation system, but also with the holistic, complex interplay between irrigation and other areas of your grow, including nutrients, growing media, HVAC and lights. Our goal is to provide growers the information they need to make the right decisions for their facilities, the first time

The products and advice to keep you in the game

Hawthorne Gardening Company, in partnership with some of the largest irrigation equipment manufacturers in the world, is here to help you maximize your crop’s potential with the best irrigation management strategies and information available today.

Our dedicated team can assist you in every step of the way to ensure that your system will work exactly how it is supposed to from day one.

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